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Chill :)) #ClashOfClans #JLaw

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Nakaka-miss mag-TUMBLR. Nakakamiss tumambay dito. Nakakamiss magbasa ng mga rants. Nakakamiss mag stalk ng blog. Nakakamiss makatanggap ng TAs. Nakakamiss mag-abang ng mga meet-up na hindi naman makapunta. Nakakamiss magpost ng walang kwentang kakornihan sa buhay. Nakakamiss. Wala lang, namiss ko lan mag-Tumblr!

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Kapag tinititigan kita, bumibilis ang tibok ng puso ko. Sa saglit na magkasama tayo, huminto ang takbo ng mundo ko.

Gusto kong hilingin na mas matagal pa tayong magkasama. Gusto kong gumawa ng mas marami pang masasayang alaala sa piling mo.

Sana maulit ang ganito. Sana. Sana.

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That moment when you are doing something then suddenly someone wants to have a selfie! Lol! #foreveryoung #youngatheart

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Guys that I’m afraid to miss a lot
(Include Kenneth and Charl in the photo please)

For more than 3 years I’ve been with these guys and I’m attached to them. I called them boyfriends, secretly. In my work place, everytime they ask about my relationship status my answers were; (a) I’m a tomboy (b) I’ve got a lot of boyfriends and (c) I’ve got Lord as my love life. Hahaha.  Our graduation is coming in almost two months and I’m afraid that we’ll be too busy with our careers and won’t have time for us to hang out. I’m afraid to see pictures in their accounts with a different girl as their company. They were sort of protective and all but they let me do things on my own. They were there part of my crazy moments. Together we laugh at each others carelessness. They were there to make me laugh ‘til my tummy aches and make me realize not to feel bad in something I wasn’t able to do right. They were the guys that ‘I’m-just-a-message-away’ type. Oh gosh, I’ll be missing them a lot.

Please don’t change that much, I pray. Please don’t forget me, I may not be able to accept the thought of it. I’ve been wanting to have a ‘sissy’ and yet it was ‘boyfies’ that I got in my college life. Thank you Lord for introducing these guys to me. I’m so blessed to have them <3 They weren’t perfect, most of the times they were mean but I love them.

To the girls whom will portray the role as their girlies, seriously take care of them and give them the love they deserve. They were crazy and big-hearted guys. I may got jealous to you girlies but I won’t feel sorry for bugging them in times that I’ll miss them. You might be jealous to me too but I won’t feel too bad about it.

Guys, kita kits parin kahit graduate na ah? :) I love you all Mwa :*

To my dearest Bebe Glenie,

Thank you for being a part of my college life. Thank you for always there whenever my eyes want to close because of boring professors we have. Thank you for accepting me in your life and giving me a chance to become one of your brothers. Thank you for sending me random messages that makes me smile. Thank you for never ending laugh trips whenever we are together. I simply adore you because of your humorous thoughts though sometimes you are in a wrong timing. Dead air comes! Lol! Thank you for the foods, for sharing what you have. Thank you for allowing me to hug you. Maybe once or twice. Thank you for beeping my phone and giving knock knock jokes! That was so extremely amusing. Thank you for your lovingly mother, that trusted me because I am a cool guy! lol! Thank you for giving me a chance to meet Pam, one of the wackiest ever. Thank you for supporting me in my ideas for our group tasks. Thank you for the hilarious moments in  cyber world. Thank you for krushers! There are so many reasons why should I say thank you. 

You know how much I love you, not the romantic one but the forever friendship thing. I loooooove you so much :*

After graduation I hope we can still create more wonderful moments. ! See you around! Huuuuugs :D

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Anonymous Asked:
Hey. It's been a while. I miss you. Happy Graduation in advance. Congratulations. :))

Hey :D

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Ye boy! :)

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Kim’s #Artwork! So cooooool :) #doodle #vivaelectrical #mfiers (at MFI Technological Institute)

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That moment when I saw this :) Yoohooooo! Graduation na :)))))))

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Thank you AMICI for giving me a wonderful OJT experience! Cheers! :)

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It’s not about the food, money, and place! It’s all about the friendship, laughter and all the bonding moments with them! Wiii. Thank you lord for this cool guys! Sana next time mas madami pa kami! Yooooohoooo! Malapit na ang graduation ! :))) *drum rolllls*
#VivaElectrical #Batch29 #MFIers (at Shakey’s SM Megamall)

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Somebody texted me :) eh tawagan lang naman. Sana may ganito ako in real life! Hahahahahaha #hopelessromantic </3

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This is me ! Lol!

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Tara let’s eat! The Japanese way :) #ginzabairin #ginzabairinph @ginzabairinph (at Ginza Bairin, Trinoma)

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Four Sisters and a Wedding :)

Jhen: sabi ng kaklase ko ang gwapo mo daw.
Me: Yung maganda ba yun? May boyfriend ba yun? <333

Me: Pwede na pala ako magka girlfriend! Gagraduate na ako eh :)
Tita: Di pa pwede!
Joan: Kailangan may trabaho muna at nakasahod na ng at least 3 months.
Me: *speechless* -_-